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EMMA helps you sign-up more members and service your existing members better by giving field reps the information they need, when and where they need it.​

Consider these EMMA capabilities

Mobile Member Database

EMMA provides a complete database of members, as well a non-members you are recruiting or organizing, accessible on any desktop or tablet computer with an Internet connection.

   ✔   View and update member information in real-time

   ✔   View all notes and member communication history

   ✔   Log member interactions and common questions

Member Record Screen Shot.png
sign screenshot.png

Electronic Member Sign-up

Sign-up new members right on your iPad or Android tablet using EMMA’s online membership applications with electronic signature capture.

   ✔  No more manual data entry

   ✔  Handle authorization cards and political fund contribution

         records automatically

   ✔  Generate and file PDF copies of membership applications 

         in seconds

   ✔  Notify staff of new members automatically via email

Grievance Management

File new grievances electronically using a tablet computer from any location with an Internet connection. EMMA maintains a library of your employer agreements and inserts contract references automatically into grievance forms

   ✔  Capture all the pertinent details of the grievance from             the field

   ✔  Use electronic signature capture to complete the                      grievance

   ✔  Create PDF copies of grievances in seconds and                        electronically file them automatically in EMMA

   ✔  Send grievances to staff members and employers                    automatically using EMMA email integration

   ✔  Receive automated grievance alerts so you don’t miss            any deadlines and lose your right to grieve.

Grievance Screenshot.png
Membership Report Screenshot.png

Custom Reporting and Filtering

EMMA provides powerful standard reports that show current membership levels, activities by field rep and work location, and other crucial data needed to run your local efficiently.  EMMA’s custom filters feature enables you to create your own reports and export important data for offline analysis or inclusion in management presentations.

   ✔  Easily pull virtually any piece of data from the EMMA database for                      analysis and reporting

   ✔  Control access by allowing only administrative users the ability to                     report on and export data

   ✔  Select the fields you wish to display in any order you choose

   ✔  Export the results of any custom report to Excel

Easy Messaging and Communication

Easily send messages to other EMMA users to coordinate member servicing 

   ✔  EMMA keeps the messaging history as a permanent part of each                          member's history

   ✔  Field staff and back-office staff can communicate quickly and efficiently          without the need for separate phone calls and emails

   ✔  Managers can easily see the status of member communication to make          sure member issues are being resolved.

   ✔  Automated alerts notify users when they have new messages in EMMA

Log Contact Screenshot.png
Add Note Screenshot.png

Time-Saving Work Schedules and GPS

EMMA work schedules and GPS help make sure you are in the right place at the right time to talk to members and prospects. EMMA's scheduling feature saves major time entering data on work schedules. The GPS feature shows the shortest travel time to each appointment. 

   ✔  Import electronic work schedules, available from many                                employers, directly into EMMA.

   ✔  Enter and see work schedules directly on a tablet or laptop                        computer

   ✔  Use GPS to see how far to travel to for each contact and how to                group locations to save travel time

Automated Task Management

EMMA automatically creates tasks for field reps and office staff based on rules that you establish.  Make sure new members are contacted and issues are addressed in a timely manner with automated tasks

   ✔  Create rules to trigger the creation of a task based on                 virtually any condition in EMMA

   ✔  Assign tasks automatically to the appropriate field

        rep or office staff member

Add Note Screenshot.png

Other Features and Capabilities

Change Log - EMMA tracks every change made to the database so your admin staff can review and audit the work completed by EMMA users, automatically reversing changes if needed

Search - EMMA’s powerful search capabilities enable you to find information based on a wide variety of data fields.  Search by name, address, email address, a unique identifier like employee id, or just about any other field or combination in EMMA

Follow - Follow only your desired work locations to get a condensed view of EMMA information pertaining only to the members and work locations that are most important to you.

Organizing - Designate locations for organizing activities, sign authorization cards electronically, and track and report on the progress on organizing campaigns in real time.

Key People - Designate members as stewards, political activists, or other key categories so you know at a glance who your key members are at each work location.

Personnel - Maintain a database of contacts at the employers you work with.  Know at a glance who is in charge of human resources, labor relations, or grievance resolution at any work location.

Orientations - Schedule and track orientations in EMMA and see how effective your orientations are at signing-up new members

Documents - Use EMMAs Documents module to maintain an online electronic repository of membership applications, grievances, authorization cards, and all of the other documents critical to your local.

Notes - Log notes associated with each member interaction so that a complete history of member communication is maintained and new staff can get up to speed quickly on existing issues and member questions.

Memos to Record - Use electronic signature and automated form completion to fill-out and execute routine documents such as transfer requests, photo releases, and withdraw requests.

Work Location Assignment - Provide reps with access only to the work locations they manage.

Administrative Access - Give Admin users special privileges, allowing them access to management reports plus data import and export features that regular users can’t use.

Data Import - Create data import profiles and easily import data from your other business systems or from new hire lists provided by employers.

Export - Export data to sync with other business systems or to generate reports and graphs.

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