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15% of UFCW Members Managed By EMMA Member Management Platform

EMMA was built to help UFCW further the mission of building better lives for hard-working men and women. As one more Local joined the EMMA family last week, we are happy to announce that 15% of union members are managed by the EMMA technology.

Locals who adopt EMMA choose to use technology to advance their success and streamline their internal processes so nothing is holding them back from fully servicing their members and strengthening membership numbers.

EMMA was purpose built for member servicing and dues management for Local 1000, and since the platform was built in 2014, use of the platform has spread to manage almost 195,000 total UFCW members across 14 Locals.

By working closely with current Locals who use EMMA, Epicom is able to gather detailed statistics on each Local’s success with EMMA. Here are three of the most commonly applauded positive changes Locals using EMMA see:

  1. Decrease in time spent on filing paperwork -  by automating member sign-up, EMMA eliminates heavy paper trails and the need for reps to make trips to offices to turn in paperwork. Productivity of reps increases by as much as 20%, and paperwork costs have been reduced by up to 24%.

  2. Increased accountability for business agents. EMMA increases transparency and visibility into how reps are spending their time. This allows Locals to measure the success and efficiency of their member servicing program by reps daily efficiency.

  3. Improved data. Access to more accurate data provides many benefits to a Local. Using EMMA Dues Management data, Locals can compare payments records against billings records and quickly reduce per capita spending on non members. EMMA data can also be used to track and report on refusal reasons, so the Local can target groups of refusals with strategic messaging.

  4. Increased membership and ABC donation numbers. By streamlining member sign-up, grievance management, and dues management, Locals have seen increases in membership up to 3.3%, and increases in ABC donations by up to 3%.

Map of UFCW Locals Using EMMA

We are very excited to see how UFCW continues to utilize EMMA to grow and innovate. To learn more about furthering relations with your membership under EMMA, click here.


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