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  • Bill Harrison

2017 Year in Review for EMMA

In 2017, the EMMA team worked hard within the UFCW community to expand usage and mature the technological capabilities of the EMMA product. Here are some of the highlights of our 2017 year:

EMMA User Conference

In September the EMMA team hosted the first annual EMMA User Conference. Over sixty people representing twenty different UFCW locals gathered in our hometown (Austin, Texas) to talk about the future of member servicing within the labor movement. It was an honor to have leaders represent EMMA candidly (Dave Cook from Local 655, Ricky Burris from Local 1000, and Karin Hopman from Local 951) as they talked about their challenges and successes of using EMMA during our conference sessions. If you missed it, you can read a full recap of the event here. Our team plans on hosting this event annually, and we are already thinking about locations and themes for next year. Tell us in the comments--what would compel you to come out to the 2018 EMMA User Conference?

Introduction of  Dues & Grievance Management Modules

In 2017 we adopted several changes to our product development methodology. The biggest change is that we decreased the time span of our product development cycles so we can deliver value to the product more often. This meant that the majority of releases in 2017 were micro releases, which we've found has led to less disruption for our user base.

Along with numerous minor product updates in 2017, the largest updates to the product include the release of Dues Management and Enhanced Grievances to the EMMA product. By December 31st these features will be available to any local with an EMMA instance who wants to enable them.

Locals Onboarded

In the past year six additional UFCW locals have signed up for EMMA. The locals who have either successfully on-boarded or signed up in 2017 include:

  • Local 365 in Olympia, WA

  • Local 1439 in Spokane, WA

  • Local 367 in Tacoma, WALocal 227 in Louisville, KY

  • Local 555 in Tigard, OR

  • Local 700 in Indianapolis, IN

With the addition of these locals, EMMA reached a new milestone of managing over 220,000 members with the EMMA technology. This represents about 17% of the total UFCW membership.

We are very proud to be working with the leaders and staff at each of these UFCW locals. It's been amazing to see what we can do when we all come together--such as the increase in membership from 48% to 66% at Local 1995 in Nashville, Tennessee. Each of us are humbled and invigorated to contribute to the labor movement in our own small way. Let's see what happens as we continue to work together in 2018!

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