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  • Bill Harrison

EMMA 2.1.12 Release Notes

Below is a list of new, updated, and fixed features in EMMA Version 2.1.12, which became available on September 13, 2017.


  • Users are now alerted inside of EMMA when their internet connection has dropped.

  • On the add or edit Grievance view, EMMA now displays a “Loading Contracts” notice while the page is loading.

  • Fields can be marked as “update-only” during an import. If you select this option, the field will be updated only if it doesn’t already contain a value. 


  • The Importer now supports the .xls Excel file format.

  • When a social security number is saved, EMMA now checks to make sure there are nine digits in the social security field and notifies the user if there is an error.

  • When you press the “Save” button multiple times in a row, it will only register as one click. This is meant to help prevent the creation of duplicate records.


  • In the “Rows Not Saved” section of the import results, the row number now matches the actual file line number.

  • When a user enters an invalid date format, the user is notified of an error.

  • The Change Log Change Type Filter now defaults to blank.

  • @mentions now correctly display the name of the user being tagged. Previously it was labeling some users as “Undefined”.

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