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  • Bill Harrison

EMMA 2.1 Release Notes

Below is a list of new, updated, and fixed features in EMMA Version 2.1, which became available on August 30, 2017.


  • Performance of background workflows has been improved to cut import times in half on average

  • Infinite Scroll has been added to all list views so that additional records automatically load when you reach the bottom of the list

  • Increased automated testing of customer instances (meaning future upgrades will be quicker and more seamless)


  • Creation of two new Contact types: “General Servicing” and “Other”

  • When a user is set to inactive they are automatically logged out of the application in order to improve security of EMMA

  • Calculations for store membership percentage and ABC percentage are optimized to calculate more efficiently--leading to a reduced overall impact on system performance


  • Member and Non-Member list views on Store records are now defaulted to sort by hire date

  • Member and Non-Member list views on Store records now remember filters that you apply while toggling between Members and Non-Members

  • The Store filter options on all views are now sorted alphabetically

  • The Store filter options on all views now support auto-complete inputs

  • When uploading a file the progress bar in the importer now accurately reflects progress of the upload

  • The Business Agent Field in Orientations create view now defaults to the logged in user

  • Orientation Date in Orientation’s create view now defaults to current date and time

  • Contents in list views no longer overlaps

  • Schedule numbers on dashboard view can no longer go negative

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