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  • Bill Harrison

EMMA 2.2 Release Notes

Below is a list of new, updated, and fixed features in EMMA Version 2.2, which became available on November 3, 2017.


  • The Grievance Number field has a new functionality which will automatically increment to create unique reference numbers for each Grievance record. This functionality is opt-in and each local must request to add this field to Grievances within their EMMA instance by opening a support ticket.

  • The standard format for the number that EMMA generates is: YYYY-XXXXXX. "YYYY" is the 4-digit year the grievance was created (e.g. "2017") and "XXXXXX" is a 6-digit number that goes up for each grievance in sequence, starting with "000001." So, your first grievance of this year is "2017-000001," the next one is "2017-000002," and the next one after that is "2017-000003".

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