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EMMA 2.3 Release Notes

Below is a list of new, updated, and fixed features in EMMA Version 2.3, which became available on November 6, 2017.

Updated: Multi-File Upload

Users can now select multiple files to upload at one time. This is enabled by a new functionality called multi-file upload. When you click "Add Document" you can now select one or multiple files to upload at once. EMMA will display a progress bar that "follows" you as you navigate within EMMA and keeps you updated on the upload's progress.

You can now click on the name of a file that has been uploaded or is in the process of uploading and EMMA will navigate to the documents section of the related record with the document highlighted in blue.

New: Document Name Inline Edit

Users can now rename documents that have been uploaded or generated by the system from within EMMA.

By clicking the pencil icon next to the document name, you can rename the document without navigating away from the page. This new feature allows you to create more meaningful names for files. This is particularly useful for managing grievances.

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