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EMMA Dues Management to Help United Food and Commercial Workers Union Automate and Audit Dues

EMMA, the software platform built by Epicom that streamlines member management for the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Union, announced that it will soon release the Dues Management portion of its product platform.

The Dues Management update is a direct response to the needs of union locals already using EMMA and is part of a long-term vision to build a full portfolio of software for union member management.

“For years, local unions have searched for a modern solution to accurately and efficiently track and audit membership dues,” said Anthony Elmo, Communications and Political Director for UFCW Local 1000. “We’re proud to say we’ve worked with the EMMA team to develop that solution.”

The new Dues Management module for EMMA performs three functions that make dues management easier and more accurate for union locals.

  • EMMA Dues Management automates the creation of billings files and makes auditing incoming payments more efficient by breaking payment data in an easy-to-digest format.

  • EMMA Dues Management generates automatic reports that include active members, outgoing members, and SSN corrections, making it easy to catch any discrepancies before dues data is closed for the month.

  • EMMA Dues Management automatically calculates total dues owed by each member and store dues calculations on a single system, so that payments from employers are received more quickly.

“EMMA Member Management has helped Locals grow membership, increase member retention, and decrease operating costs,” said Linus Rinke, Project Manager for EMMA. “Once Locals adopt EMMA and Dues Management, we are predicting an increase in membership growth and a significant improvement in the accuracy of dues collection.”

EMMA Dues Management is currently being tested at a select group of UFCW Locals and will be generally available later this year as an add-on to EMMA Member Management. To learn more about EMMA Dues Management, reach out to the EMMA team here.

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