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  • Bill Harrison

EMMA Infrastructure Upgrade

One big advantage of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model that EMMA uses is that it's much easier to upgrade customer systems and keep them up to date. Traditionally, software was deployed on an in-house server. So when upgrades were needed, the process was complex and expensive. As a result, customers often delayed upgrades sacrificing new features and improved performance in an attempt to avoid upgrade costs.

With EMMA, all of your software is hosted on servers that the EMMA team configures and manages. This makes the upgrade process much, much easier. It allows us to upgrade more frequently, with little or no downtime, and at no additional cost to our customers.

We are completing just such an upgrade now. Many of the operating system components and libraries used in the EMMA system are being upgraded to their latest releases. While you may not see big differences in the look and feel of EMMA, rest assured that security and performance are all increasing as each component of our software is upgraded.

Our infrastructure upgrade is nearly complete and beginning next week we will be upgrading individual customer systems. We don’t anticipate any downtime with these upgrades, but we will let you know if that situation changes.

Have questions about this upgrade process? Feel free to reach out to the EMMA team for more details.

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