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  • Aimee Gonzalez

EMMA Release 3.17.0

Feature Enhancements

Quick Find

With EMMA’s new Dashboard view enabled, you can navigate to a store/work location quicker and easier than ever:

1. Click the home icon to get to the Dashboard view.

2. The Quick Find search input is located at the top of the dashboard view.

3. Start typing the name/number of the location you’re looking for into the search input.

4. A list of matching store/work locations will appear and the first result will be highlighted in blue.

5. As you continue to type, the list will instantly update to show matching locations.

Tip: on a desktop computer, use the up (↑) and down (↓) arrow keys to highlight other locations in the list.

6. Press return/enter to immediately go to the location highlighted in blue.

Record Merge

Admin users can now merge and remove duplicate People records via the People Management view. It is not uncommon for an identifying value – such as an SSN or an employee number – to be entered incorrectly by accident. When this happens, often times a duplicate record will later be created when the correct value is entered because we normally use these unique identifiers (SSN, Employee ID, etc.) to decide whether to update an existing record or create a brand new record. This is a hassle, of course, because now important information about the user – such as hire date, department, unresolved grievances, notes, documents, payment history, etc. – can be scattered across multiple records. Follow these steps to merge duplicate records down to just one record:

1. Once you have identified two duplicate records, navigate to the People Management view via the Admin dropdown menu in the top navigation bar. Use a combination of filter, sort, and scroll controls to find the records in the list view.

2. Using the checkboxes along the left-hand side of the list, select the pair of duplicate records you wish to merge.

Note: If you have more than two duplicates, you will need to repeat this process for each pair of duplicates.

3. Click the dark blue button labeled “Merge” located in the list actions section between the filter controls and the top of the list.

4. The view will toggle open a section showing a field-by-field difference between the two records, listing the name of each field that has differing values between the two records, with the values for one record on the left side, and the values for the other record on the right side.

5. Down the center, between the field values on either side, there will be a column of grey arrow buttons – one pointing at each field value on the left-hand side and one pointing at each field value on the right-hand side.

6. There will also be a grey button above the field values on the left-hand side, labeled “Keep…” with the first and last name of the record who’s field values are displayed on the left-hand side (e.g. “Keep Jane Doe”).

7. There will be a similar button for the other record on the right-hand side.

8. Click the “Keep…” button for the record you wish to keep.

9. The “Keep…” button you click will highlight in green, and all of the arrow buttons pointing to the field values on that side will also highlight in green.

10. The other “Keep…” button will remain grey, but it will now be labeled “Delete…”

11. At this point, you have selected to keep one record without changing any of it’s current field values and to delete the other record. However, you can select particular field values that you want to copy/merge over from the “Delete” record to the “Keep” record.

12. To pick a field to copy/merge over from “Delete” to “Keep,” simply click the grey arrow button pointing at the value you want to copy/merge.

13. Once you have cherry-picked all of the values you want to copy/merge from “Delete” to “Keep,” look for a green button labeled “Merge Records” at the bottom of field differences.

14. Click “Merge Records” and a confirmation prompt will appear.

15. Click the blue “Continue” button to complete the merge operation.

16. Any field values you selected to copy/merge over to the “Keep” record will be updated and all related records – such as Notes, Documents, Grievances, Payment History, Billing History, Closing History, etc. – will be copied over to the “Keep” record.

17. Finally, the “Delete” record will be deleted.

Note: this delete operation will be a permanent delete, unlike the usual “soft delete” operation in EMMA that allows records to be restored.

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