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EMMA Release 3.19.0

Feature Enhancements

Contract Per Work Location

We have enhanced the Contracts module in EMMA to improve the way Contracts records are related to companies, members, work locations, and grievances. Previously, EMMA was designed for a single contract per each company. This meant that if different work locations or departments under a given company were each governed under different contracts, an additional “sibling” company record would have to be created. For example, if your retail food handling department has one contract and the retail clerks have another contract, then you would have 2 company records and ultimately to 2 records per each location.

A better way to manage this information has arrived! With the new Contracts module, you can now select 1 or more companies that are governed by the same contract, or alternatively select 1 or more work locations that are governed by the same contract, and you can add extra filter settings to specify 1 or more departments pertaining to the same contract.

This simplifies things quite a bit. In fact, for most locals, this is a totally seamless change. The only difference is now reps will not have to check 1 or more different work location records to find the new hire they just spotted on work schedule tacked to the break room wall.

When developing EMMA, we were working with locals who mostly had fewer than 15 contracts. As EMMA we have grown, we’ve brought on more locals with many more bargaining agreements to manage. We hope this one small adjustment will make life a littler easier when it comes to keeping your data accurate and easy to find.

Step 1. Select "Contracts" from the Admin menu.

Step 2. Select or add a contract to be set up.

Step 3. Select the company or companies and the work location(s) the contract applies to.

Step 4. Insert the contract sections that apply to the selected company or companies and location(s).

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