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EMMA Release Notes 1-1-2016


ABC % Calculation on the Right to Work Report The ABC % on the Right to Work Report was previously calculating the percent based on total members paying ABC dues divided by the Store/Unit total. Since ABC dues are paid by members, not non members, it is more accurate to calculate the ABC % by dividing Total ABC by the Total Members for each Store/Unit. This allows Locals to see what percent of their membership pays ABC dues. With this change, Locals will notice an increase in the ABC % since it will no longer include Non-members in this total.

Status: Done and Deployed (12/31).


Ability to Search by Social Security Number A common request we heard from Locals was to search for people by social security number. We’ve extended the search bar to look up people using any part of the SSN. A user can enter the full social security number, the first half, or the last 4 numbers and EMMA will filter the results down to the People who have a SSN matching that criteria. This has been enabled for People list view, Member and Non-member list views in a Store, and the People Management section.

Status: Done and Deployed (12/31).


Totals Line on Daily Report We added back a summation row at the bottom of the Daily Report. This shows a summation of the values in the rows in each column in the Daily Report. This row was removed about a month ago during another update, but has now been added back.

Status: Done and Deployed (12/31).

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