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EMMA Release Notes 11-20-2015


People Management for Admins We’ve added a new section for Admins to manage People records in EMMA. This feature will allow Admins to search and filter all People in EMMA by People Type, Company, Store, Last Import Date, and Last Payment Date. After filtering, Admins can either mass update field values, delete, or export a list of all or selected People.

To see detailed documentation on how to use this new feature, click here.

Status: Done and Deployed (11/24).


Daily Report Totals for Grievances Previously, the Daily Report counted a new Grievances for a user every time a Grievance record was saved. This was causing issues for Locals because the report showed a much greater count of the Grievances users were filing. We have changed the Daily Report to only count a Grievance when the user first creates the Grievance record.

Status: Done and Deployed (11/24).

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