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EMMA Release Notes 12-18-2015


People List View Permissions Previously, we released a feature for admins to control which Stores a BA could access on their All page, which controlled what Stores they could also follow. However, the People page still allowed BAs to access all of the people in EMMA, even if they didn’t have access to that Store. We updated this so that the people showing when filtering on All will now only be the people at the Stores showing in the BAs' All page.

Status: Done and Deployed (12/14).

Mine to Following We changed the terminology of the Mine page to Following. In the Store dropdown, users will see Following instead of Mine. Also, in the People page, the Stores filter now shows Following instead of Mine.

Status of change on People page: Done and Deployed (12/16).

Status of change on Store dropdown: Done and Deployed (12/18).


Grievance PDF Fixed an issue causing the HR Manager and District Manager fields from the related Store to not auto populate into the Grievance PDF when the HR Manager and District Manager fields were updated after the Grievance was already created. We have fixed these fields to now populate correctly upon regenerating a Grievance PDF.

Status: Done and Deployed (12/14).

Filter Drop Down In the Members and Non Members page within a Store, the filter drop down menu wasn’t working properly. When filtering on people type, then selecting the blank option again to load all, the blank wasn’t loading all results and instead was stuck on the previous filter. This was also occurring in the Company filter in the Grievance Report. Both of these have been fixed and the blank option in the filter now works as expected.

Status: Done and Deployed (12/11).

People Management and People Page Totals We fixed an issue causing the totals on the People Management page and the People page to be off. These totals were inconsistent with the total records actually in the database. The records displayed were correct, and reports were still calculating from the true total number, but the totals number being displayed in these list views was not accurate.

Status: Done and Deployed (12/18).

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