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EMMA Release Notes 2-12-2016


Add Multiple Articles/Sections in Grievances There are times when a Grievance needs to reference multiple Articles/Sections in the Company Contract. Previously EMMA only allowed users to choose one Contract Section in each Grievance. We have added the ability to list multiple Articles/Sections in each Grievance record.

To add Sections, click into the “Article/Section” field. A list of all Sections not already selected will show. You can either scroll through the list or start typing either the Article/Section number or the title of the Article to further filter the list down. Once you find the correct Section, select it to add it to the Grievance. To remove a Section, select the “x” to the left of the Article/Section number.

Additionally, we have updated the Grievance PDF to separate each Contract Section with the Article/Section number and title so it is clear which section of the Contract is being referenced in the PDF.

Status: Done and Deployed on 2/20/2016

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