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EMMA Release Notes 3-4-2016


Change Log Previously, a Change Log file was downloaded when exporting changed records in EMMA. Any people fields that were modified were included in a .txt file when exporting. This file format was difficult for Admins to audit and filter between which people records were changed and which users changed them.

Epicom has removed the .txt file Change Log and replaced it with a completely new page in the Admin section. The new Change Log enables Admins to manage any changes made to People records including edits to fields, schedules, new records, and delete records. Additionally, Admins can easily mark a change as reviewed, revert the change, export changes to a .CSV file, or flag changes for review by another Admin.

With the new Change Log, Admins can now search and filter all Changes made to People in EMMA by Changed Field, Changed by User, Change Type (Edit, New Record, Deleted Record, Restored Record), Review Status (New, Reviewed, Reverted, Revert Result, Flagged), and Date Modified. The Change Log does not track changes made by an import. The Change Log is intended to track any manual changes made in the system to act as an audit log of users in EMMA. EMMA will keep a running 90 days of changes. Any changes older than 90 days will not be kept in the system as to not overload the database. Epicom recommends Admins monitor changes at least once a week to keep up with any changes occurring in the system.

To learn more about how to use the new Change Log, watch our short training video here.

Status: Deployed on 3-4-2016

Restore Deleted Records From the People Management section in EMMA, Admins are able to delete people records in EMMA. A common reason people are deleted from EMMA is because they are no longer actively employed at a Store and no longer need to be tracked in the system. However, when a person record is deleted, they are technically soft deleted out of EMMA and can still be restored. Soft deleted means that the person will no longer appear in searches, in stores, or in reports. But the person is still in the EMMA database and can be restored in four ways.

1. Restoring from the People Management page in EMMA. From this page, Admins can select the “Show Deleted Records” button on the far right below the filters. They can then select which people they wish to restore or undelete from the list and selecting the “Restore Selected” button.

2. Restoring from the Change Log page in EMMA. From this page, Admins can filter on the Change Type of “Delete”. This will show all records that have been deleted in EMMA. By selecting the “Revert” option, this will undo the delete and restore the record.

3. Restoring from an import. If a record was deleted in EMMA, but appears on a future import, that previously deleted record will be restored. The person info in the import will overwrite any fields from the previously deleted record.

4. Restoring from manually creating a new person record. If a user creates a new person record with a matching social security number of a person who was previously deleted, EMMA will restore the previously deleted record. However, the user will be prompted with three options.

  1. Apply Changes: Restore the record and overwrite with the values you submitted just now. Discard Changes: Restore the record and ignore/discard the values you submitted just now.

  2. Pick Changes: Restore the record and pick which values to overwrite and which to discard. If you select to Pick Changes, you are then prompted to choose which information should be updated if there are any field conflicts.

  3. Related Contacts, Notes, Documents, and Grievances will always be restored as is.

For more information about restoring deleted people records, watch this video.

Status: Deployed on 3-4-2016


Issues with Downloading Exports in Safari We fixed an issue causing files on the Export page to not download fully when selected. This was occurring in the Safari browser on a computer or laptop. We updated the file download process to work as expected when using the Safari browser.

Status: Deployed on 3-4-2016

Issue with Grievance letters/emails generating upon deletion and/or restore of related People records We fixed an issue causing the grievance letter and alert to trigger when a related person record was deleted or restored. This letter/alert should only go out when a Grievance is updated. We've fixed the workflow to not fire when the related People record is either deleted or restored.

Status: Deployed on 3-4-2016

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