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EMMA Release Notes 4-1-2016


Logging Contacts from People Records Previously, users could only log a Contact from the Non Member tab on a Store or from the People list view when filtering on your “Active” Member type. There was no way to log a Contact from an individual person record. Additionally, Contacts were located within the Notes subpanel instead of their own section.

We have moved the Contacts Log from the Notes section to its own subpanel on a Person record. Within that new section, a user can log a Contact quickly by selecting the “Log Contact” button.

We have also included a search bar and filters for date created and created by user to improve the ease of use when searching for a specific Contact made.

Status: Deployed on 4/1/16

Improvements to Notes Previously, to log a note on a Store, Grievance, or Person record, a user would need to edit the record, add the text to the note field, then save the record.

New Location: We moved the Note creation from the record edit view to the Notes subpanel on Store, Grievance, and Person records. A user can now create a new note in the same place they view all previously created notes.

Improved Search: We have included a search bar and filters for date created and created by user to improve the ease of use when searching for a specific note.

Formatting and Tagging: Notes now support markdown, which is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax designed so that it can be converted to HTML for improved formatting and styling of text. If you’d like to add links, bullet points, or bold/italics, you can use this formatting style. We added a “?” symbol at the top right of the note text area if you’d like help formatting your text.

Additionally, users can now tag other users in their note. By typing the “@” symbol, then the user’s name in EMMA, a list of users will display. Select which user to tag, then type your note. After selecting “Save Note”, the user or users you tagged will receive an email with the text from the note and a link to the specific record where the note was created.

If the user you tagged is currently logged into EMMA, they will receive a notification at the top of their EMMA page with the note and a link to the record.

Status: Deployed on 4/1/16


Grievance Layouts

Grievance Record View: We have changed the layout of a Grievance record to make it consistent with the other views in the application. Previously, all of the Grievance information was displayed in one view which made it difficult to find information quickly.

A Grievance record now has subpanels for Details, Steps, Notes, and Documents. Additionally, the most important information (status, type, filed date, grievance date, article/section, and current step) is highlighted in the section in the top left of the view.

Grievance List View and Filters: We have updated the list view of Grievances within a Person and Store record to be consistent with the filters and search options in the new Notes and Contacts list views as described above. However, instead of filtering on the User who created the Grievance, the dropdown will allow users to filter on the Grievance status (Pending, Settled, Denied, Withdrawn).

Status: Deployed on 4/1/16

Changes to User Names We are making some changes to user management to improve system notifications and security. We are now requiring that each username be one word and not contain any spaces.

Your users can still log into EMMA without interruption using the old username, but we are asking all Locals to update this as soon as possible. We have added a field to user management to allow Admins to change the user name.

We recommend deciding on a consistent format so all usernames are the same format. Some examples are below.

Old user name: John Smith

Possible new username formats: jsmith john.smith johnsmith

Status: Deployed on 3/28/16

We have also updated forms to use the Business Agent/Union Rep’s First and Last name instead of the username. Status: Deployed on 4/1/16

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