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EMMA Release Notes 6-17-2016

Status: The following updates were released on Friday, June 17, 2016.


Membership App BA Code Field Previously the BA Code field on membership applications was pulling in the username of the user who created the app. We have updated this field to instead pull in the user’s first and last name. The format will now be “123 - John Smith” instead of “123 - john.smith”.


1:1 Membership App PDF Generation Previously, when confirming to generate a membership app during signups, EMMA would execute several tasks at the same time. It would update person type to “Member”, create the PDF, and send an email alert out. In cases where Internet or data connection is weak, the membership app would struggle to create and would get stuck on the Join page. We have separated these steps to process the most important steps first rather than at the same time to optimize the overall performance in areas of weak data service or wifi.

When confirming to generate a new membership app, the system will first redirect you back to the person’s profile and update the person type as it did previously. The difference is, the PDF won’t instantly get generated. There will be a placeholder for the membership app in the Documents section with a status of “Generating PDF”. There is workflow that processes these documents every 2 minutes. So depending on when the app is submitted during that workflow it could take anywhere between 2 seconds and 2 minutes to completely generate the PDF.

Once the PDF is fully generated, a notification will display in EMMA with a link to the PDF document. After the PDF is generated, an email alert notifying admins that a membership app was signed will be sent, as it has done previously.

System Emails for New User Verification and Password Reset Previously, the system emails sent to either verify a new account or to reset your password were sent from “Meteor Accounts”. We have configured an email account for system emails that will come from EMMA Accounts using the email emma.accounts@epicom.com. We also updated the email template to be more user friendly. While both of these changes are improvements to the look and feel of the email, the main goal was to improve deliverability rates. The new system email and format should improve delivery rates to a customer’s email client and reduce the occurrence of it going to the spam folder. To be sure that this happens, however, please add emma.accounts@epicom.com to your safe sender list in your email client.


Deleting Stores and Related People Previously, if an admin were to delete a store from EMMA, the related people wouldn’t also get deleted. This would be problematic because all people records must have a related store. We have updated this process so that when deleting a store, it will also soft delete all related people and records and remove them from showing in reports.

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