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EMMA Release Notes 7-22-2016

Status: The following updates were released on Friday, July 22, 2016.


Importer Error Message Updates We made several updates to the importer to catch certain data issues upon importing.

  1. Invalid value in a dropdown field. If your import file has a value that doesn’t match one of the options in the dropdown field in EMMA, this will be flagged as an error in Rows not Saved. For example, if you are trying to import a value of $10 to the ABC Amount dropdown field, but in EMMA the only options in the dropdown are "0", "1", "0.75", "0.5", "0.25", then that will be flagged in the rows not saved section. This error message will occur with all dropdown fields including People type, Key Person, etc. If you need to update the values in your dropdown list, email

  2. Invalid related Store on People import. If you import a person record that has a store value that doesn’t match an active store record in EMMA, this will now throw an error in the rows not saved section. Previously, EMMA was not catching those records and People were being imported without having a valid relationship to a store record which would throw off your membership count in the right to work report. We now are checking if the store value is mapping correctly to an active store. If it’s not, this will be caught in the rows not saved so you can update the Store value and re import.

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