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EMMA Release Notes 8-19-2016

Status: The following updates were released on Friday, August 19, 2016.


Orientation Counts in Daily Report

We have updated the logic in the Daily Report for Orientations. The rep in the Daily Report will get credit for an Orientation when that same rep is selected in the Business Agent dropdown field on an Orientation record. The day they will get credit for the Orientation in the Daily Report will match the date chosen on the Orientation record.

For example, if an admin creates an Orientation record for a store and chooses Sally Smith in the Business Agent drop down, and sets the orientation date for August 20th, then on August 20th in the Daily Report, Sally Smith will show “1” in the Orientation column. As she completes the number of attendees and signups fields, it will also update the count for her in those columns on that day.

Currently, no credit is given to the Assistant BA in the Daily Report in order to not over report the total number of Orientations occurring that day.

This update simplified the logic for counting Orientations in the Daily Report. Previously there were issues with the old logic that caused the Orientation to get counted each time a rep edited the Orientation record and made changes.

ABC Amount Field

Previously the ABC Amount field on a person record was a dropdown field with defined values such as 1, .50, .75, etc.  A month ago we released an update to flag any imported record that had a different value than what was available in the dropdown fields. The reason we added the error message was because Locals were unknowingly pushing missing info into EMMA. If a record had an ABC amount of $8.16 on the import file, and that value wasn’t in the EMMA ABC Amount dropdown, the $8.16 was never actually getting saved in EMMA and the database was seeing that field as a blank value.

When we released the error message to catch this, there were a lot of Locals who had varying ABC Amounts for certain members. So instead of adding in several amounts to the dropdown, we made this field a text field on the person record. This will allow Locals to push any ABC amount to the person record. Please note that we left the ABC Amount field on the Join page as a dropdown because that field doesn’t cause any issues and is the preferred field type of most Locals for the signup form.

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