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Grievance Management in EMMA

3 Ways EMMA Adds Efficiency to Your Grievance Management Process

Managing grievances is arguably one of the most complex functions a labor union has to work through. Balancing thousands of members, several different contracts and a host of different rules to follow can make anyone’s head spin. Over the last couple of months the EMMA team has been hard at work adding more value to EMMA's Grievances Module to help make grievance management as easy as possible. In this post we’ll look at three ways EMMA accomplishes this.

EMMA Keeps an Electronic Record of All Correspondence

EMMA allows all of your Grievance form letters to be stored electronically with your grievances. Form letters can be pulled up whenever they need to be sent and users have the option of sending it to an internal admin, a particular member, personnel working for a particular company or all three. Not only does this remove snail mail (and it's costs) from the equation, but any form letter you send will always be visible from within the grievance record itself. Should a member or personnel respond to a form letter that conversation will be tracked within EMMA as well. This gives reps and admins a 360-degree snapshot of all the meaningful interactions regarding a particular grievance.

EMMA Stores All Related Information with the Grievance

One of the biggest complaints we hear from locals regarding working with grievances is how they manage all other supporting information (such as documents, pictures and meetings). It's not uncommon to see a Local who doesn't use EMMA managing grievance meetings in a spreadsheet, keeping all documents in a manila folder in a file cabinet, and storing all grievance forms in a separate database. This means they have to dig through multiple places to find the specific piece of information they're looking for. Much like with the aforementioned electronic correspondence, EMMA helps you track all other supporting information in the same place. Need to schedule a meeting with the manager of a particular store? No problem, create a new meeting record with a time and place and it will live right alongside the grievance itself. Have to take a picture of broken equipment? Use your iPad's camera to take that picture and watch it automatically get added to the related documents folder. No need to manage three file storage solutions when you can have everything in one place with EMMA.

EMMA Increases Grievance Timeliness

It seems like every contract has their own rules that keep a grievance timely. When you receive a step one answer there is an urgency to quickly move that grievance to a step two. We want losing a grievance to timeliness to be the last thing you have to worry about, so EMMA has a built in alert center that will ensure grievances are never lost as a result of latency. In EMMA, admins can set their own custom rules on a company specific basis and indicate when users should be alerted for grievances that are at risk. Need to schedule a meeting date six days after a grievance is filed? You can also use EMMA to set an alert that notifies users two days beforehand. Opening an at-risk grievance will notify a rep that action needs to be taken by displaying the exact reason the grievance is close to being untimely.

While EMMA won’t file and resolve grievances for you (wouldn’t that be nice?)--it can arm you with the tools necessary to make working with grievances less of a hassle. Questions about Grievance Management in EMMA? Send us an email at

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