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New and Improved User Dashboard

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

The best way to take advantage of EMMA’s new Schedule Builder and Tasks Module is with the new User Dashboard, which enhances the most important feature of the legacy user dashboard: showing you which new hires are on the work schedule this week.

The Old Way

As a union rep, your workflow with the legacy dashboard and schedule inputs goes like this:

  1. Log into EMMA at the start of a new week and pull up your list of new hires, either under the People list view or under the Non-Members list view at a particular store;

  2. Use the inline list editor and start typing out schedules, one at a time, each shift for each person;

  3. Then, throughout the week, navigate to the dashboard, where at the top you find a square grey button that displays a number for each day of the week, representing the number of new hires on schedule for each day of the week at the work locations on your route;

  4. Then you click one of the day-of-week buttons, which takes you to the People list view, with the list pre-filtered to show you the new hires on schedule that day – the ones that make up the count you saw on the day-of-week button on your dashboard;

  5. At first, the list is sorted alphabetically by last name, so people at all different locations, hire dates, and schedule start and end times are mixed together;

  6. You visually scan through the list to see which location has the greatest number of recent new hires (highlighted in green) on schedule for the day;

  7. First you re-shuffle the list by location, then you re-shuffle by hire date;

  8. You get a sense that one location in particular has more new hires on schedule than the others, but that location is a 45 minute drive across town – an hour and 15 minutes during rush hour – and its not clear whether most of those people are already on shift, or will have started or completed their shift by the time you get there;

  9. What’s more, the schedules for every day of the week are in view – even yesterday’s schedules;

  10. You click to re-shuffle the list by today’s schedules, but the sorting doesn’t quite work right: 1pm sorts before 10am, which sorts before 2pm;

  11. You remember the pep talk the local president gave you last week: that just one more sign-up per week, per rep makes a big difference at the bargaining table;

  12. You get out a pen and paper and begin jotting down your own list, cross-referencing the list you have pulled up in EMMA to find out when and where you need to be to talk to as many new hires as you can…

Fine Tuned for Fewer Clicks

With the new User Dashboard, skip steps 3-12! No matter where you are in EMMA, you are always a single click away from finding out where the most new hires are on shift in the next 4 hours. One more click and you can see who’s on shift in the next 8 hours. And when you enable GPS – whether on mobile or desktop – EMMA will tell you which new hires are closest to your current location.

Enabling GPS

Whether on desktop or a mobile device, your browser will prompt you to allow EMMA to access your location. Users of iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) may need to enable Location Services specifically for their browser under their device settings (See

Tasks and To-Dos

The new User Dashboard also shows reps a list of tasks assigned to them via EMMA’s new Tasks Module. The list by default is sorted first by Due Date, from first to last, then by Priority, from high to low. The Summary and Detail of each task visible right there in the list with a link to the person the task relates to. As tasks are completed, their status is updated and they are filtered from the list. Easy, peasy.

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