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New Feature: Advanced Filters

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

The update on December 13, 2017 to EMMA added Advanced Filters.  Advanced Filters is a powerful feature that will enable users to do new things across the entire EMMA platform. Advanced Filters can currently be accessed within People Management or Grievance Management. In the future, this functionality will power Enhanced Schedules and Record Alerts, which are currently on the product roadmap.

About Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters is EMMA's method for running reports on the fly. They allow users to define certain criteria to search for People records or Grievance records, and save those criteria as a filter to use repeatedly.

Here's what Advanced Filters look like once they are built and saved:

Some common use cases for filters in People records might include:

  • filter by people zip codes to target Members or Non-Members in specific geographic areas

  • find Members who are not yet reported to International, but who have made payments in the current month

  • filter by new Members to target them in a campaign to articulate the value of the union to their membership

  • find Members who haven't been making dues payments

  • find anyone who is a Non-Member that was hired in the last month

Some common use cases for filters in Grievance records might include:

  • find untimely Step Two grievances

  • find Pending grievances filed more than x days ago that are still in Step One (based on contract terms with each employer)

  • filter on all grievances from a specific company

The Advanced Filters tool is powerful because it:

  • allows you to build custom "reports" and export them for many different use cases

  • enables you to easily find the records you want to find in EMMA

  • powers other features in the EMMA product roadmap, such as Record Alerts and Enhanced Schedules

How to Access Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters is an admin-only feature that is live in every licensed instance of EMMA. To see advanced filters in your instance, login to an Admin account in EMMA. Navigate to People Management by clicking on "Admin" and then "People Mgmt" from the drop down.

Once directed to the People Management view, notice the new filter icon and filter drop down. in the upper right hand corner of this view. This where you can view available filters and select one to search with.

How to Create New Filters

There are five basic steps to creating new filters in EMMA.

1. Click the filter icon at the top right of EMMA People Management in order to create a new filter.

2. Name your Filter with a name that will help admin users identify its purpose.

3. Select the columns of information you want to include in the report. Another way to think about it--what information is important to know about the records you are looking for?

4. Select the criteria you want to use to search for records. This criteria will determine what records to include and exclude from your search. You can add more than one criteria by clicking the blue "+ Add Filter Group" button to the right of the filter.

5. Save the filter.

The filter will now be available in the filter drop down in the top right corner of EMMA People Management view.

How to Use Existing Filters

To use existing filters, simply click on the drop down menu in the top right corner of the "People Management" or "Grievance Management View". Select the filter you want to use, and EMMA will apply it to existing records in real time. The list view will only contain records that meet your criteria, and EMMA will display a count of those records. Voila!

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