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New Feature: Closings Module

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

The latest update on December 13, 2017 to EMMA added the Closings Module.  The Closings Module is part of the Dues Management Component of EMMA which our development team is currently building. This is an optional feature.

About the Closings Module

The closings module enables UFCW locals to send end of month "closing" reports to The International. EMMA supports creating four different types of reports within the Closings Module:

Active members -- a list of all active dues paying members

Outgoing members--a list of all members who are withdrawn from UFCW

SSN and SIN changes--a list of all corrections for previously reported members

Employers--a list of all employers under an agreement with that local

EMMA allows admins to create and preview these four files before submitting to The International. If there are any errors in the files, the admin can manually make edits before exporting the final reports. This makes it easy to catch any discrepancies before dues data is closed for the month.

By automating the creation of these closing reports, dues data is broken down into an easy to digest format for the local and The International.

There are also several workflows that can be enabled as part of the Closings Module in EMMA to automate processes for when members are reported for the first time or included on a outgoing members report.

How To Access The Closings Module

This feature is opt-in only. If you want to use the Closings Module/Dues Management at your local, please open a support ticket by emailing

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