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New Feature: Enhanced Memos Module

The latest update on December 4, 2017 to EMMA introduced the EnhancedMemos Module to EMMA. The Enhanced Memos Module is part of the Dues Component of EMMA which our development team is currently building.

About the Enhanced Memos Module

Member records now have an optional enhanced memos feature. A Memo in EMMA is a various interaction that the user has had with a member. Memos are often associated with a document and/or an approval process. These interactions include member withdrawals, dues reimbursements, change in dues amount, and removal of dues.

The updated Memos Module creates a Memo Record for each memo. This is added functionality to the basic memo tools in EMMA, which allow you to create documents as memos but don't create individual memo records. Users can now see a history of related memos from within the member's record, rather than having to sift through the documents tab to identify memos.

There are many workflows that can be enabled as part of the Memos module. Some of the workflows that can be enabled are:

  • implementation of an approval process

  • automatic generation of correlating PDFs based on type of memo

  • addition of admin's signature to Memo PDF upon approvalability for admins to delete memos

  • ability for admins to update memos

  • automatically sending status email when memos are approved

  • 48 hour reminder on pending memos

How to Access the Memos Module

This feature is opt-in only. If you want to use the Memos Module at your local, please open a support ticket by emailing

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