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  • Bill Harrison

New Feature: Grievance Management View

The latest update on December 18, 2017 to EMMA added the new Grievance Management view. This view is only accessible to admins and has been designed to add more ways for admins to interact with Grievance records.

About Grievance Management View

The all-new Grievance Management view allows admins to do the following activities:

  • run more sophisticated reports on your grievances beyond the very simplistic standard Grievance Report

  • ability to export Grievance data

  • ability to delete Grievance records

  • bulk update Grievance records

In the future, this feature will support another highly requested feature, Record Alerts, which is in the EMMA product roadmap. Record Alerts will allow locals to create alerts on grievances that meet certain criteria.

How to Access the Grievance Management View

The Grievance Management view is an admin-only feature that is live in every licensed instance of EMMA. To see advanced filters in your instance, login to an Admin account in EMMA. Navigate to Grievance Management by clicking on "Admin" and then "Grievance Mgmt" from the drop down.

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