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  • Bill Harrison

New Feature: Meetings Module

The latest update on December 4, 2017 to EMMA introduced the Meetings Module. This feature is one component of the grievances management module of EMMA which we are currently building. Keep reading to learn about this new feature and what it means for your local.

About the Meetings Module

This update expands upon the capability EMMA previously had to record meetings. The new Meetings Module allows users to schedule upcoming meetings and maintain a record of all meetings held in relation to grievances. Using Meetings, UFCW locals can have all their grievance data stored in EMMA.

On each Grievance record, the menu on the right will have a tab called "Meetings". This tab will display a history of meetings and allow users to create a new meeting.

Each meeting record will provide you with more detail on the meeting, including start time, end time, location and attendees. The attendees names are actually links that will link to people or personnel records in EMMA. There is also a section to store notes and upload documents related to the meeting.

Users can now look at a list view of meetings and filter on them by fields such as store, and date the meeting was held.

How To Access It

This feature is opt-in only. If you want to use the Meetings Module at your local, please open a support ticket by emailing

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