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New Feature: Notification Center

The latest update on December 6, 2017 to EMMA added the Notification Center. This update is live in all instances of EMMA.

About the Notification Center

The Notification Center updates the notification system in EMMA so that users won't ever miss a notification.

Each time users are tagged in a note, they will receive a notification about the note. Rather than popping up in the open window or sending an email, EMMA now will display these notifications as a red symbol within the EMMA navigation bar.

All notifications will be marked as unread by default until the user reads them. When a user clicks on the notifications symbol, they will be directed to the notifications list view. From here, a user can see all notifications (both read and unread). Unread notifications will have a white background while read notifications will be shaded grey. Each notification contains a link to the related record (in blue font).

A user can mark notifications as read by clicking on the preview in the notifications list view. Once the notification has been fully previewed, it will be marked as read, and the total unread notification count will go down. From the notifications list view, a user can filter by date created and read/unread.

Before this update, users who were almost always logged into EMMA (such as admins) found that they commonly missed notifications if they weren't looking at EMMA the entire time they were logged in.

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