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New Schedule Builder

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

There’s a ton of value to having the work schedules of members and non-members in EMMA. With the large number of people reps are often assigned to cover, knowing exactly when people will start their shifts each week can help reps plan to be in the right place at the right time to get 1-on-1 interaction. Locals benefit greatly when reps make 1-on-1 contact with new hires and members alike.

However, loading schedule data into EMMA has historically been a bit of chore… until now!

Key Schedule Input Enhancements

Improved Accuracy with Calendar Dates

The new Schedule Builder offers a robust calendar system, so users can add schedules for the current week, next week and beyond. Schedules for prior weeks are retained, which can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as reporting and trend analysis. As schedules are entered with the new Schedule Builder, and as the week progresses, EMMA will automatically update several fields for each person:

  • On Schedule This Week: This is a yes/no field that will be “yes” if a person has a schedule in the current calendar week or “no” otherwise.

  • On Schedule Last Week: This is a yes/no field that will be “yes” if a person has a schedule in the previous calendar week or “no” otherwise.

  • On Schedule Next Week: This is a yes/no field that will be “yes” if a person has a schedule in the next calendar week or “no” otherwise.

  • Next Schedule Start, Next Schedule End: These fields track the start and end date/times of the schedule entry that has either started and not yet ended, or is coming up next.

  • Schedule Sunday…Schedule Saturday: These are the legacy day of week fields, relative to the current week. For backwards compatibility purposes, EMMA will automatically keep these fields in sync with schedules entered with the new Schedule Builder.

Tap, Don't Type

  • The new Schedule Builder works by users tapping a menu of numbers, entering schedule values with a handful of taps (or clicks), as opposed to manually typing everything out as in the legacy schedule input.

  • Users can select 1 or more dates (columns) and 1 or more people (rows) in the Schedule Builder view to enter multiple schedules all at once with the same start and end time, as opposed to only typing out one schedule value at a time with the legacy input.

  • With the new Schedule Builder, users can mark 1 or more people as “Off” (i.e. having the day off of work), across 1 or more dates with just a single click.

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