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New Tasks Module

The flagship use case for EMMA is helping your reps easily identify new hires and highlighting when they are on the work schedule, enabling reps to make high-value, one-on-one contact with new people as early on as possible. This is a great foundation for your servicing program.

Often times, though, there are other important servicing items that belong on a rep’s to-do list. For example:

  • Speaking directly to each member about an upcoming bargaining effort or petition

  • Checking in with members who your local hasn’t made contact with in a while

  • Directly informing members about an update to their member benefits, like a new health plan

  • Doing an in-person follow up with new members after their first 30 days

  • Following up with members who have reported a potential grievance in the past week

  • Identifying members who need to sign an updated app for terms of membership

  • Approaching long-time PAC fund contributing members about increasing their contribution by a dollar, etc.

People Management and Advanced Filters

EMMA now offers a new Tasks Module that can be configured by administrators. Like the existing Alert Rules Module for Grievances, the Tasks Module is driven by the Advanced Filters Module, EMMA’s easy-to-use report builder.

Advanced Filters can be created by admins under the People Management view in EMMA by combining 1 or more filter groups to query your member and non-member data, showing the results of your query in real time. A filter group allows you to select 1 or more fields available in your EMMA system and a comparison to perform for each field, like: Company EQUALS “Kroger”, or Hire Date MONTH IS “Last Month”. You can also select the columns you would like to display in your report for the records that match your query. Finally, you can give your filters a name and save them for later user.

Setting up Tasks

Once you have created a report (i.e. an “advanced filter”) and saved it, then you can navigate to Admin > Task Rules to set up a new Task Rule that will be driven by your report:

1. At first, your list of Task Rules will be empty. Click the green Add Rule button to add a new Task Rule;

2. The Collection field will default to “People.” At the time of this writing, this is the only available option for this field;

3. Next, use the select menu to select the Filter you just created under People Management;

a) EMMA will generate a task for each record matching your selected Filter.

4. Then choose a User Field;

a) EMMA will automatically reference the selected User Field to determine who should be assigned to a task. For example, if you choose “Business Agent”, then when EMMA generates a task for a person, the user referenced by person’s Business Agent field will be the assigned user for the task. Let’s say member Jane Doe matches my selected Filter, and her assigned Business Agent is Johnny Mustache, then EMMA will assign a task to Johnny.

b) Important: If a record matches your selected Filter, but does not have a value for the selected User Field, then EMMA will not generate a task for that record;

5. Next, select the Default Priority that will be given to these tasks. The default is “Low.

a) Available options are Low, Moderate, High, Critical.

6. Enter a Summary to help identify the type of task.

7. Write out a short Detail description for the tasks.

8. Optional - Dynamically set a Due Date for tasks by entering a number and selecting a unit of time. The default unit is “Minutes.

a) The available unit options are Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months.

9. Click Save to create your new Task Rule.

10. Your newly created Task Rule will now display a Tasks section that shows a list of tasks generated by this rule. At first it will be empty. Look for the green Generate Tasks button in this section and click it.

11. Note the confirmation prompt. As this is the first run, feel free to go ahead and click the blue Generate Tasks button to confirm.

12. This will queue up a process that runs in the background. It may take a couple of minutes.

13. EMMA will generate tasks and they appear in the Tasks list for your Task Rule, no need to refresh your screen.

Administering Tasks

1. The list is filtered by default to show only tasks with a status of Open. You can filter tasks by their status: Open, Expired, Dismissed, Complete.

2. You can also filter tasks by Task Date (the date each task was generated).

3. You can select 1 or more tasks in the list and override their status:

a) Click the checkbox to the left of each task or click the top checkbox at the head of the checkbox column to select all;

b) Click the blue Set Status button;

c) In the confirm prompt, select a Status;

d) Click the blue confirm button labelled with the selected Status value (e.g. “Set Dismissed”).

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