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Recap of the 2017 EMMA User Conference

The EMMA team couldn’t have asked for anything more at the first annual EMMA User Conference. We had attendees representing 20 Locals across the United States--all gathering under the same mission--to improve the lives of working class Americans throughout the nation.

Our attendees were extremely engaged; they asked great questions and brought up great discussion points. The food was pretty yummy (Bill Hopkins, President of UFCW Local 455, said it was the best conference food he’s ever had). Local leaders and representatives made the most out of their visit to Austin by sharing best practices with each other and meeting with the EMMA team. 

Day One

On day one we focused on the big picture vision of the status of organizing labor, best practices for member servicing, and how EMMA fits into this big picture.

EMMA’s CEO & Founder, Bill Harrison, kicked off the conference with a warm welcome and an honest dialogue on EMMA’s journey so far, the challenges and growth our team has gone through, and the things we’ve learned while partnering with UFCW.

Our first guest speaker was Dave Cook, President at Local 655, who shared his vision for member servicing. In less than a year of using EMMA, Local 655 has been able to increase its ABC contributions by 3x. Cook’s determination to create a positive mindset of UFCW for both existing members and ex-members is truly inspiring. 

Next we heard from Ricky Burris, President at Local 1000. He explained how Local 1000 services members in detail, and told the story of how his local has used EMMA to generate $1.5M in revenue.

We closed out the day with awards. Some were silly awards and some were more serious--but we wanted to show our audience how much we appreciated their attendance at the first ever EMMA User Conference. 

  • Local 1995 received the award for Largest Membership Growth. They added over 3,000 members in just six weeks during their membership drive.

  • Local 1000 received the award for Longest Customer (their award included a case of Michelob Ultra).

  • Local 367 received the award for Furthest Travelled (2,141.5 miles to be exact). 

  • Local 455 received the award for Most Attendees, with five people at the EMMA User Conference.

  • Local 951 received the award for Most Support Tickets (extra credit goes to Stephen Mutschler, their director of IT). 

Day Two

On day two we did a deeper dive into the EMMA product. We covered the EMMA product roadmap and did some product announcements--including the addition of Grievances to the Core EMMA Product.

We made sure to start off the day by wishing a happy birthday to Wes Stallings of UFCW Local 1995.

First we heard from Local 951 who explained how they are using EMMA to manage grievances in their organization. Their speakers were Karin Hopman, Recorder and Director of Finance; Stephen Mutschler, Director of IT; and Debora Minor, Business Office Manager. The high number of grievances that Local 951 processes makes them experts on this topic. They’ve been managing grievances electronically for a long time, but EMMA has allowed them to take grievance processes even further into the 21st century.

Then Linus Rinke, Project Manager of Training & Development for EMMA, did an overview of the EMMA Product Roadmap. We highlighted a rough outline of features to come within the next year. This led to a candid discussion between EMMA employees and the audience, and we left with some great feedback on the roadmap and what the Locals would like us to prioritize.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came and made the most of our first ever conference. We are so excited to host you again next year. Do you have any feedback on the event? Did you notice something you’d like to see next year? Do you know someone who would be a great speaker?Please leave your comments below. We’re open to anything--except hearing that there wasn’t enough Michelob Ultra--we already knew that! :) 

Event Photos

Below are some of the photos we took at the event. To see all the event photos--check out our Facebook page.

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