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  • Ethan Kennedy

EMMA Release 3.14.0

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Release Date: February 6th, 2019

Feature Enhancements

Change Log Full Date/Time

The Date Modified column in the Change Log now displays the full date and time – down to the second - of a change instead of only showing the date. This gives a more precise audit trail of changes to data in the system.

Filter Grievances by Alert

Now, when you set up Alert Rules for your Grievances, you can filter your Grievances List View to show only those records that currently have 1 or more “Open,” unresolved alerts.

Inline Field Validation

When adding or editing a record, EMMA will now validate your input in real-time instead of waiting until you press ‘Save.’ This can help save you time, making sure you’ve got the right information in place.

Selectable Closing Criteria

For locals using EMMA’s dues management features, you can now build and leverage one or more preliminary report when preparing your month-end close. This puts you in the driver’s seat with EMMA’s easy-to-use, real-time report builder, bring control and clarity to your closing process.

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