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  • Bill Harrison

UFCW Local 1995 Reaches 11,000 Members For First Time in History

This post has been repurposed from an original article on PRWeb.


This summer, United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 1995 added over 3,000 new members in just six weeks, increasing their membership from 48% to 66%.

This growth in union representation means added bargaining power for the members of Local 1995 and increased political contributions that boost the ability of UFCW to make the voices of their members heard.

Local 1995 attributes the success of their membership drive to their partnership with UFCW International, the team of union representatives who all helped out, and the mobile technology they used.

“We worked closely with the International, enlisted the help of reps from other locals, and drove membership to the highest it’s ever been,” said Rick Major, Secretary Treasurer of UFCW Local 1995. “Our software played a key role in coordinating the efforts of everyone involved. The growth of our membership base represents a more powerful voice for working Americans in Tennessee.”

The membership drive was conducted using EMMA, a mobile software platform built for unions. EMMA streamlines and digitizes member sign-up and servicing, grievance management, and dues management, helping locals grow and build the best relationships with members.

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