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UFCW Region 2 Conference Recap

In June, Epicom was invited to attend the UFCW Region 2 Conference in Virginia Beach. The conference included three days of keynote speakers and workshops covering a broad range of topics including Costing 101, Leadership, and Messaging for the UFCW locals in Region 2.

EMMA customer and product advocate, UFCW Local 1000 was a guest speaker in the Technology and Servicing workshop during the event. Local 1000 President, Ricky Burris, and Communications and Political Director, Anthony Elmo, led the presentation and showed how they utilize technology to streamline their entire servicing program and increased membership by 4% across the entire local. Anthony Elmo walked through a detailed demo of Epicom’s EMMA application to show how their reps are able to more efficiently manage their day.

Highlights from the presentation included:

  • Tracking Schedules: Anthony Elmo discussed how their business agents use the schedules feature in EMMA to more directly target their non members. Their reps can pull up a list of non members and filter on their schedule to quickly see where they need to be based on who is working. This helps them better manage their time and is faster than shuffling through paper schedules.

  • 1:1 Signups with Digital Signatures: For right to work stores, 1:1 signups can be process digitally in EMMA using electronic signatures. Anthony Elmo discussed how this has saved a lot of time because they don't have to manually process all the paper apps. It also shortens the time it takes a new member to sign the application because their personal info, that was already put in EMMA, will pre-populate the form.

  • SMS Signups: The SMS signup feature allows employees to text a designated phone number specific to the local. They will then get an automated reply back with a link to a form that they can open on their smart phone. The form is the shortened version of the 1:1 membership app and allows them to use their finger to sign the form on their phone. Local 1000 uses the SMS signup during orientations when there is a large group. They also have printed posters at each store with the phone number to text on the poster. So an employee can signup at any time on their own. This feature is in beta testing an will be available to all EMMA customers soon.

  • Filing and Tracking Grievances: One feature that is necessary for any local, whether they have right to work or closed shop stores, is the Grievance system in EMMA. Local reps can file a grievance for a member on their tablet right there with the member. Anthony discuss how great this was for their servicing program. When an employee sees the grievance being filed right there in front of them, it gives them a sense of relief that it is being taken care of. Once filed, the admins are alerted of the grievance record. Also, an automated email will go out to the member at each step of the grievance so they are kept informed of the status.

The conference was a successful event and we enjoyed meeting with each of the locals of Region 2. It helped us learn more about how each local services their members and the different challenges they face. We also got some great feedback to help us continue to make EMMA better for UFCW locals. If you have questions on EMMA or would like to know which regional conferences we'll be at, you can email Amanda Anderson at

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